Quality Management Systems

....and why even small businesses need them

The system runs the business.
The people run the system.

-- Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited

A true management system
means you can:

Follow your strategic plan

Train and release new employees

Measure Key Performance Indicators

Improve performance incrementally

Grow your business

Open a new location

Any quality-management system is based on a core engine of Plan-Do-Check-Act, which will improve the effectiveness of the operation when applied correctly over time.


Operating environment, stakeholders/competitors, market, leadership and culture; risks and resources.


Sales, design, production and delivery.


Measure your KPIs against the Plan; management team examines the data and decides on actions


Study the causes of KPI shortfalls and determine true corrective actions. Adjust the Plan accordingly.


How are QMS applied in different situations?