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Eliminating Human Error - Is it Possible?

ISO 9001:2015 clause 8.5.1 says “Controlled conditions shall include, as applicable…the implementation of actions to prevent human error.”

Beyond the more expensive options like robots, video hardware counters, CNC and AOI programs, there are a world of simple ideas.

We hope one may spark an idea:

  • Mentoring staff new to a process or product to ensure “tribal knowledge” is shared (best done in work cells, to support autonomy and respect)

  • Barcoding inventory labels and pick-lists to verify items pulled match drawing

  • Operators receive first piece approval on each step of first-time builds.

  • Loading hardware or assembly components into labeled containers of different colors, sizes or shapes -- perhaps matched to indicators on the print

  • Bill of Materials pick lists organized in numeric order, use order, or location

  • Photo-based work instructions, to eliminate language barriers, and clearly identify part orientation and tooling used. 

  • Team problem solving including newer staff, not just shift leads.


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