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Handling New Stressors

Every job has its stressors, but over time those stressors become normal, and their established workarounds can become routine. With that in mind, how are you helping your staff adjust to a myriad of new stressors associated with: working remotely; learning several new technologies on the fly; juggling home-work priorities; or working unusual schedules? ISO 9001:2015 reminds us in the Notes to 7.1.3 that our environment can include social, psychological, and physical factors –and haven’t we all had plenty of changes in those these last few months?

Psychologist Lisa Drake offers a helpful reminder that when challenges arise. It’s worth remembering that “Thoughts create Feelings which create Actions which create Results”. Taking a moment to focus our thoughts on what we want the outcome to be, and what we can do toward that goal, helps stop emotions taking over in a crisis. Once the new solution is identified and implemented, we have a workaround for the next time that issue threatens our calm.


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