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Management Review: Brexit-Style or Fusion?

Like its flag, the UK is a blend of many cultures, but for the last 2 years, the British Parliament has been stuck on the hamster wheel of Brexit, voting over and over on similar options.

Does this sound like some of your Management Review meetings? We hope not! Here is a recipe with some ideas to keep reviews fresh and useful:

Meals vs Banquets: While 4-8 hour annual strategic planning is critical, short meetings (2-4 times/year during transitions or when issues are hot) are less overwhelming. A 1-hour meeting to review progress is still a meeting.

Recipe is essential: over the year, you must include all the ingredients in Inputs (9.3.2) and Outputs (9.3.3).

Repeat leftovers are BORING. Decisions from the last meeting (9.3.2.a) only need review if not finished or effective.

Fold, not Beat: Management’s job is strategic. Instead of a twenty-minute discussion interpreting raw data (like each vendor or each return) use annualized trends (9.3.2.c-f) to see issues affecting company performance.

Serve proportionately: Make decisions and assign work with clear measurable objectives and timelines, for each department’s responsibilities.

Share the recipe: Congratulations! You’ve met and planned actions for improvements. Let the whole staff know where you’re headed, solicit their questions or suggestions, and recognize contributions and achievements.


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