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Preparing for Remote Audits

Consider the following when planning any type of online meeting:

  • Prepare ahead – Load software on all desktops and phones for video and screen sharing, check bandwidth (25down/10up) & audio before any meeting.

  • Space and Sound – For best results, have each person login at a quiet desk and share screens to show info, to avoid conference room distancing & audio issues.

  • Face the light – To allow laptop cameras to see you, avoid windows behind you. 

  • Use Headsets – To reduce background noise and stop computer feedback.

  • Conference room sound – If you do gather in the conference room, you need a omni-directional microphone – since laptops can only pick up the voice of someone directly in front of them. Again test beforehand.

  • Take Breaks – just like in person, a 10 min break every 2 hrs relaxes the brain from the stress of video conferencing, allowing you to focus on the next


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