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What is ISO 14001 & why do I need it?

ISO 14001 is an international environmental management standard that companies use to certify that their businesses have made a commitment to reducing the company’s impact on the environment.  Not only is being “green” a significant marketing advantage, but it is also a very popular commitment to employees and your neighbors.

If you are cringing at the potential cost of becoming a “green” company, think again. Unlike the quality management standards that identify specific areas where you must meet minimum requirements for certification, this standard is a “voluntary” standard – you identify:

  • the significant aspects for your company,

  • what legal and regulatory controls apply to your industry,

  • which projects you will address first, ( you prioritize your projects)

  •  how you will address them. 

Philosophically this standard is more driven by management commitment and focus, and less by specific rules. It asks you to measure the effect of your controls and how well you meet legal and regulatory requirements. 

All this makes being green much more accessible than you might think, for small and medium companies.  Especially those in fairly “clean” industries. 

Need to reposition the company? Go green - look into ISO 14001.


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