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Be Environmentally Friendly with ISO 14001

Our environment is more and more in the public eye. Pollution, energy use, waste and water use are all important in our commitment to the earth. April is Earth Month, so here’s a thought: pair your ISO 9001 system with 14001, the Environmental Management standard. Sustainability and reducing environmental footprint are great PR!

Many sections of the two standards are similar: planning, risk analysis, management review, audits, and corrective actions, so your systems can be combined to run concurrently and with little extra documentation.

Get started by identifying your Aspects (your activities) and potential or actual Impacts to the environment; measure current impacts; then begin to reduce or mitigate your high-risk impacts. Some companies have become Zero Waste to Landfill by careful planning. Others reduced water usage drastically, recycled more, and trimmed energy use by staggering machine start times – with research savings can outweigh any investment.

Proudly announce your results and 14001 certificate via your website, your stationery and email signature, social media, and your local Chamber of Commerce and associations. Ask us how to get starteda little extra in time and effort can yield good publicity!

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