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Connectivity Checks

With remote working many connectivity tools have changed. Have you verified the new tools protect your/your customer information adequately? Here’s a few things to be aware of:

  1. Data protection – How do you verify who is accessing/sharing your info? Highly regulated industries have standards and government mandates on how data is stored, managed, and exchanged – check customer supplier quality requirements to verify what applies to you. And then research and comply, or notify your customer and get a waiver for requirements you choose not to meet.

  2. Data visibility and governance – Business networks or portals allow multiple groups to access data for collaboration, but every group within the network must control what they access, how it is shared internally, and who can see it.

  3. Fraud prevention – every point at which data is exchanged or moved within systems is an opportunity for it to be tampered with (maliciously or accidentally).

  4. Third-party risk -- most supply chains have four or more tiers to deliver finished goods. Are your suppliers properly managing their own vulnerabilities? Do you verify cyber security controls at your suppliers?


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