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Creating a Diverse Equitable & Inclusive Culture

With many businesses, including federal contractors, being asked to state their position on social justice and civil rights, employers are being pushed to cultivate a workplace that promotes Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI). ISO addresses this in 7.1.4b Work Environment. Considering the following questions may help build an inclusive workplace for a diverse workforce:

  • What DEI metrics do we already collect? Do they include data related to hiring, promotion and retention? Does our outreach attract a diverse talent pool?

  • What are our goals, and how do we hold ourselves accountable? What internal or external resources will we need?

  • Do our leaders have the info/skills to speak on DEI issues?

  • Would a DEI committee, or employee affinity/resource groups provide mentoring, networking, and improve employee satisfaction and retention?

  • Does our anti-discrimination training meet DEI goals and include things like implicit bias, micro-aggressions, and bystander conundrum?


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