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Creating Joy at Work

We all saw the value that collaboration and innovation brought in 2020. With new challenges and transitions in all arenas of life, staff mental health support has become a hot topic in HR circles. Resilient teams find ways to bring joy into work.


  • Recognition – for important tasks, teamwork, and ongoing development. Praise in public to motive others.

  • Reward creativity and innovation - support learning mistakes. Create a culture of “Fail fast, and innovate again.”

  • Relationship building – Find what works for your team, perhaps its trivia challenges, chili cookoffs, puzzles, recipe swaps or online game nights. Good and fun relationships with coworkers can improve the hardest day.

  • Water-cooler wisdom happens, so capitalize on it to share encouragement, successes, strengths and laughter.

  • For the zoom’d out – consider competitions for fancy dress, crazy back grounds, etc., during networking.

  • If you don’t have a chief morale officer, pick the jokester of the company, and engage their creativity.

After all, laughter is good medicine, and we all need some of that!


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