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Getting Out Into The Garden

Here are a few reasons to get your hands dirty this August!

Decompress: Perhaps one of the best reasons to garden is it's simplicity. Weeding and watering don't require much focus, allowing your mind and body to decompress.

Improved Creativity: Most creative types will tell you that switching from brain work to hand work allows your brain to process and restore its creativity in multiple areas at once.

Increased Flexibility: Lowering yourself down to the ground, bending and stretching to weed and plant, all keep your body moving and increase flexibility.

Mycobacterium Vaccae: The beneficial bacteria found in soil can help stabilize mood, strengthen immune system, and promote better sleep. You don't even have to dig to get the benefits, just breathing in the air in the garden can do the trick.

Vitamin D: Whether you mow the lawn, plant a vegtable garden or tend to flowing pots, the time spent outdoors allows you to absorb vitamin D which is good for your immune system and bone health.

Stress Release: Pulling big weeds, chopping wood, or digging are all great ways to expend extra energy in a healthy way.

Let's Get Outside!


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