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  • The Washington Post reported Thursday that after an unusual 3 1⁄2 hr discussion the Supreme Court has blocked the OSHA rule of vaccinate-or-test for large employers. It has however upheld the rule for the more than 17 million healthcare workers. HR is encouraged to actively monitor these ever-changing State & Federal rules.

  • Quality Digest reminds us of the two key transitions to watch this year: Digital transformation and AI (which is requiring better analysis amid the flood of data now available) and Quality as a Profit Center (where quality is seen not as a compliance tool but as a strategy for business excellence, resulting in an increasing focus on risk avoidance instead of risk management).

  • IndustryWeek’s article “Learning is More than Attitude” says being a learning organization means intentionally planning for Experimentation (test theories), Reflection (post-action review), defined Learning Objectives (similar to performance objectives), and Captured and Leveraged Knowledge (whether that’s capturing the knowledge of senior workers or sharing the implications of technical data; benefits are seen when knowledge is leveraged for reuse.)


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