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Interview Questions To Find Great Fits

As companies restaff, and workers consider transitions, fit is as critical as skills.

● How long was your commute here/in rush hour? (a major cause of turnover)

● What do you do for fun (do they get passionate about something?)

● What do you know/like about our company? What would you like to know?

● What do you see yourself doing in 2 years? 5 years? (ambition/realism)

● Tell me about a recent disagreement with your direct supervisor. How was it resolved? (What did you learn?)

● Tell me about a success you are proud of; Tell me about the team

● Tell me about your last significant mistake; What did you learn?

● What would your last supervisor say about you? (qualities/shortcomings)

● Why do you want to work here? What would make us a 10 out of 10?

● Where else have you interviewed? How do we compare?


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