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Making Management Reviews More Useful

Are your meeting outputs helping your team meet targets?

As companies grow, workload increases at all levels. Without a tool to identify trends, risks and opportunities, management meetings can easily focus on Sales, Financials, and Complaint mitigation. While overall company objectives like 98% quality product and 100% on-time delivery tell us if customers are happy, they don’t tell us where inefficiencies are impacting quality, productivity and morale. Monitoring department level Key Process Indicators (specific measurable goals for each process) ensure that allocation of resources supports what we expect from our teams, so we can meet future objectives.

To make management review meetings strategic instead of historic reviews, ISO identifies tools for quality, environmental and safety management systems. Section 9.1 in 9001, 14001 and 45001 outlines the type of data that should be collected and analyzed to ensure system effectiveness. And section 9.3 outlines the types of information to be presented and reviewed by management.

Raw data must be analyzed to show trends, so management can identify which departments are meeting expected performance levels, where the risks are emerging, and which departments need more support, infrastructure updates, and strategic resources to meet objectives.


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