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On A Lighter Note

Celebration has been a part of every culture from the beginning of time. In our era of social distancing it’s hard not to compare those cancelled, reduced or postponed celebrations for landmark events like weddings, retirements and birthdays.

Consider the new trend of Micro-Parties to celebrate the little things like:

  • conquering a new recipe successfully

  • my nightmare roommate moved out

  • project completed on time

  • goodbye old carpet, hello wood floor!

  • a scheduled adventure (a weekly brewery outing that became “stout-erday”)

Studies at Ariel University, Israel in 2012 showed that a weekly celebratory event may innoculate against boredom, anxiety and depression. Data showed that people who have a list of positive things, like parties, to look forward to experience “reduced pessimism, negative affect (mood), and emotional exhaustion”. Best of all the impact lasted up to a month!

So what qualifies as a “party”?

  • Parties are planned and anticipated – so pick a time and the attendees.

  • Parties have Special food/beverages – easy with delivery everything these days.

  • Parties are memorable – so take photographs to look at later

  • Parties are shared – even via Zoom, Facetime or Social Media

After all, the art of pandemic living is being able to still see and celebrate all the wonderful little things that are always with us, not putting joy on hold for an undefined “when”.

So....Micro-Party On!


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