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OSHA's New COVID Vaccine Rules (in brief)

Its official: OSHA published their Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) on Nov 5th, 2021.

Regardless of your company’s size the guidelines are worth considering, and as of 12/5, companies with 100+ employees must implement policies and processes to meet the following requirements:

Either enforce mandatory vaccination OR require employees to complete weekly testing and wear a face mask at work instead of vaccination (UNLESS the employee works outdoors or only works from home).

  • Keep “acceptable proof” of each employee’s vaccination status (e.g. vaccination card).

  • Pay up to 4 hrs PTO to obtain vaccinations, and pay sick leave to recover in the event of vaccination side-effects.

  • As of Jan 5th, employees not fully vaccinated and who visit the workplace at least 1 day/week, must be tested weekly, and provide those results to their employer.

  • Employees are required to notify their employer of a COVID positive test, and employees must remain home until a negative test is completed.

  • Employers have 8 hours to report any work-related COVID fatalities, and 24 hours to report COVID in-patient hospitalization of an employee.

  • Employers must provide “Key things to know about COVID-19 Vaccines” from the website to all employees.

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