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Quality On-Boarding

Does your company have a “new-hire checklist” for onboarding? That’s a good practice, but how much is planned for the first day? Can the new hire really sort out the importance of the company’s quality culture, if they’re being overloaded with forms to sign and policies to read?

The best-run companies we know, stage training according to when it’s needed. For example, when new tasks or procedures are introduced, training is given just before it’s needed, so it’s fresh on our minds, often in the form of on-the-job training (OJT) or a team meeting. So why not apply the as-needed approach to on-boarding?

The first day should focus on safety, the W2, insurance, accident reporting, and other urgent and legal matters. Other company topics like a quality policy, equipment maintenance, following procedure and so forth are better left to when employees have begun their actual duties.

To avoid first-day overwhelm, it’s best to “Learn what’s needed, when it’s needed.” The information has a better chance of retention (and so does the worker!).


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