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Resilience Reminders

Last year, globally, we learned several contributors to business resiliency. Pick ONE to focus on this year to solve a current challenge.

  • Plan for worst case scenario – establishing contingency plans leaves you better equipped to adapt and respond quickly and effectively.

  • Integrate systems – Info or dept silos prevent synergy and collaboration, but bridging those gaps allows teams and departments to react efficiently.

  • Improve inventory visibility and flexibility – Creating consistent real-time visibility into supply-chain inventory allows adjustments as necessary

  • Forecasting and planning – since supply and demand are often the first areas hit in a disruption, realtime data allows early predicting & adjustments

  • Reducing lead time & cycle times –since both are high risks in disruption.

  • Improvement and innovation as your DNA – finding new and inventive ways to meet customer needs creates loyalty and keeps your reputation positive.


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