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Trends That Will Shape Work in 2021

While 2020 was the most volatile year many of us have seen, it would be a mistake to think the disruption is over.

  • Employers who support staff life experience see a 23% increase in staff mental health, and a 17% increase in physical health. Support for mental health, financial health, and work/life balance issues like health, sleep, childcare, and education have become high stakes in benefits to employees.

  • 74% of employees expect their employer to become more actively involved in cultural issues of the day. CEOs who have spent resources here have been rewarded with 20% more highly engaged employees.

  • Flexibility in time and location – Organizations that offered this flexibility understood the increased staff need for more flexibility, and saw 55% of their workforce as high performers, by measuring productivity not hours worked.

  • Remote workers – As companies listed about 33% more skills in job ads during 2020, and will “rent” talent to fill skills gaps, some States are offering moving bonuses for individual talent instead of relying on corporate relocations.

  • Watch for new regulations to limit remote worker monitoring. While 1 in 4 companies bought monitoring software, 44% of employees don’t receive any feedback regarding data collected about them (a significant morale challenge).

Source: Gartner 2020 ReimagineHR survey quoted in Harvard Business Review


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