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Using Perks to Attract and Retain Talent

While salary and benefits like health insurance and 401(k) will always be key to attract top talent, found that 80% of employees would prefer better benefits and perks over a pay raise. Perks are often non-wage items that highlight your care for employee wellbeing. Ask employees for feedback on benefits priorities, or vote on which 2 or 3 of the following perks they would value most:

  • Hybrid or flexible work schedules - to help reduce stress when employees need to handle child-care, appointments or pursue schooling – is a big part of improving work-life balance. Add a unique PTO day for birthday, anniversary, or volunteer day.

  • Office drinks & snacks – are more than gossip stations, they fuel body and brain. Research shows breaks can increase productivity, memory, creativity, health, and reduce stress.

  • Awards and celebrations – in front of their peers improves job satisfaction and employee engagement. Consider monthly all-staff meetings to recognize those who support company culture, solve problems, and achieve goals.

  • Career guidance/mentorships – assigning new employees a mentor beyond their manager, provides a sounding board and helps them adjust to company culture, and navigate challenges and changes.

  • Commuter assistance (like city parking discounts or public transit discounts), or Tuition Credit (to encourage ongoing development).

  • Wellness offerings - like onsite fitness classes, flu-shot clinics, health assessments, and financial wellness courses.

Want more ideas? These came from’s great eGuide and newsletters that they’d be happy to send you.


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