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Why Dread Audits?

As stressful as our new “normal” is, why add the stress of audits to that too? Instead, create a system that doesn’t need last minute “cleanup for the auditor.”

  • Automate data collection – identify the data your system automatically collects, use that to monitor objectives, and review it monthly or quarterly.

  • Develop processes and procedures that make it easy to gather all required documentation well before the audit

  • Don’t leave internal audits until the last month - Scheduling periodic reviews/audits of systems ensures your systems are being maintained year round

  • Ask internal auditors to find improvements – not just check the “complaint” box.

  • Assign action items to appropriate team members and include a reasonable due date, leaving adequate time for review and corrections if necessary.

Reward the team for staying on schedule – celebrate the wins, and the learnings!


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